About Us

Here at Hunky Moos, we see ourselves as a sports and nutrition orientated cafefroyo_1.fw offering an immense variety of different fresh tastes and flavours with low calories. Our Froyos, Shakes, etc. are made with the best brand of protein available in the market.

We also use organic Fair Trade products for our coffee!! Our products are made sports and fitness enthusiast in mind, creating a cozy, friendly environment for you to hang out, while offering you your favourite tasty treats which will aid in your sports/gym workout sessions.


Our Story

Our story began, when we realised that more people in Galway City were getting into sports and fitness. The number of people signing up to gyms were increasing, as well as the number of people walking with protein shakes after their workouts sessions. We ourselves were fitness enthusiasts, and we realized there wasn’t really anywhere to hang which offered healthy treats for people really into fitness: somewhere to relax and just hang out with friends.

The Hunky Moos Idea was Born!!!

We decided to go ahead with our idea and open Galway’s sports and nutrition orientated café.

On June 30th, we got our location here on Abbeygate Street, and at this stage, there was no turning back.


After a long wait, we were finally open on the 26th September 2015. At this stage, we already had a massive group of followers on Facebook, who could not wait any longer for us to open.

Shop Image

We’ve been thrilled with the reception we’ve got from our customers and how they love our products. This has encouraged us to add a lot more to our menu, such as …………

We would like to give a special thanks to our customers, who have been with us on this exciting journey, and we hope you continue to buy our Froyos and Shakes. With summer time just around the corner, we hope to be seeing more of you in the months to come!!!!